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Review: Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time on the JXD S7300 Android Tablet

plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (2)

Long time coming is an understatement for Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time on the Android platform. While iOS gamers had this game for awhile, that does not waver the quality of the Android release. This sequel feels a lot like what gamers were presented with going from Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Bros 3. More of the good stuff with new additions that expand the overall game, though In App Purchases rear their ugly head.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, that reference to a gaming classic is warranted here in many ways. Much like how SMB3 brought an overhead map with slightly branching paths, PvZ 2 offers a similar map. While we did not see a “dream sequence” sequel here, this is a throw back to the original in many ways. Basically, the stuff that is not broken was not changed for this sequel. That is a good thing.plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (1)

Time travel in gaming is nothing new but you have never time traveled with Crazy Dave and his sentient RV, Penny. The banter between these two is sometimes funny but more often than not, informative and useful as you play (though annoying on subsequent plays).plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (6)

The general mechanics are the same as the first game. You place plants on the grid based on having enough sun and if that spot is empty. Zombies invade from the right and take damage from your offensive plants. There are unique zombies to worry about, particularly that torch wielding one, he is a bugger to deal with.plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (5)

There are mini games here that help break things up a bit. Matching icons and challenges such as the Yeti help keep things interesting and give reason to play levels more than once (other than the need to collect coins).

In App Purchases ruin this game for many reviewers apparently. First of all, they are high priced. Plants are expensive and not purchasable with in game coins. That sucks. Plain and simple. I have experienced many levels, challenges and zombies, that would be easier to pass if I had certain plants that are now locked behind a pay door. Many of these plants were free in the first game, obtained through playing levels and completing invisible tasks unbeknownst to you.plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (4)

 As far as the challenge level of the general levels, it is ramped up quite a bit compared to the first game. Course, that is why we play games right? For the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment we get from beating a tough level.plants vs zombies 2 google play android jxd s7300 (3)

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time by Electronic Arts
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Rated: Low Maturity
In App Purchases: Yes
Score: 89/100
Available now on Google Play.

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