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Review: Sonic Dash Using the JXD S7300 Android Tablet

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Sonic Dash, a title that most gamers would have thought was a no brainer, is finally here. We got a taste of this style of Sonic game in previous games on consoles such as Sonic Jam (the world map was viewed from behind Sonic) and on some levels of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 (on Dreamcast then later PS2/Gamecube, etc). This is the game that should have kicked off the 3D endless running genre, not Temple Run. Much like most things in life, the smaller, more nimble, company can innovate quicker than a larger corporation- the question here is, did Sega learn anything from the competition?

First up, what type of 3D endless running game is Sonic Dash? Those that play this genre like there is no tomorrow know what I mean there. Sonic Dash is squarely in the “Agent Dash” sub genre here. Sonic runs in defined lanes and does not require “waggle” controls (as my friend Rob Duenas of Sketchcraft calls it). There is no tilting of your Android device like you would in Temple Run or similar 3D endluss running games. I like that.sonic dash iphone android jxd s7300 s7800 (1)

The enemies and levels are what make a Sonic game, and Sonic Dash has them in spades. Greenhill Zone is represented quite a bit and yes, the loop de loop is present here (check the pic below). Collecting rings is still integral to your success. This is Sonic in 3D in a new genre, plain and simple.

There is a ton of variety here too, just when you get that feeling that you are just going through the same areas over and over (a problem that both Temple Run and its sequel share), things change. A hill, loop de loop, or flying through the air happen and break up the monotony. This is Sonic in his realm- running fast and dodging enemies collecting rings.

Sonic Dash by Sega
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Genre: 3D Endless Running
Rated: Everyone
In App Purchases: Yes
Score: 82/100
Available on Google Play

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