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New Game: Cosmonautica Merges Futurama Hijinks with Business Sim

cosmonautica futurama android simulation

Everyone that is a fan of Futurama has probably hoped, wished for and complained about there being a severe lack of good games based on the cartoon. While Cosmonautica is not an official Futurama game, it does capture the feel, the essence, of the show and puts you in the shoes of a the owner of an interplanetary company that has one ship and a bumbling staff and a hope to survive one more day.

Cosmonautica is not a straight up business simulation, it has elements of The Sims, Simcity and strategy gaming all in one package not to mention some Elite stuff too (retro fans know what that game is all about). Watch the Youtube video for a good idea of what to expect from Cosmonautica.

Cosmonautica by Chasing Carrots
Platform: Android
Genre: Strategy/Simulation
Rated: Medium Maturity
In App Purchases: No
Available now in Google Play

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